Wendy Bates School of Dancing

Click this link to see a walk through video showing our new studio layout.




If you or any family member have symptoms of COVID-19 please DO NOT attend any of our classes or private lessons. Stay home and follow the government advice.

If you become unwell during or following a lesson, you must inform us immediately. 


Face masks

For anyone over the age of 12, face masks must be worn when entering and exiting the building, as well as in all communal areas. Once you have reached the studio you are able to take them off due to exercise being exempt. If you leave your square, for example to use the toilets, please put your mask back on again. Your instructor is required to stay 2m+ away at all times, and if that cannot happen, will need to use their mask and/or visor to mitigate any risks from reducing social distancing.


Track & Trace

We will be operating NHS Test and Trace, as per Government legislation. NHS Test and Trace is a Government service designed to help identify and notify people who may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

Full information on NHS Test and Trace can be found here.

The studio now has a unique QR code that will be displayed on a poster that will be located near the entrance and also on the notice board. You are able to scan our unique QR code via the NHS COVID-19 mobile phone app. You can download the app for free here.

Upon scanning, you will be asked to provide your name and contact details so you can be notified if you have been exposed to the virus. We reserve the right to provide the data to NHS Test and Trace if requested. This service is a legal requirement and is essential to us all reducing the spread of the virus and helping to save lives.


Social Distancing

To avoid risks of transmission and stay as safe as possible, you should always maintain social distancing with people you do not live with. Please remain 2 metres apart from others whilst in our studios.


Entering the building

We have a new one-way system. Please wait outside the building, near the main entrance, using the 2m markers until a teacher invites you in. Remember to dress appropriately for weather for queuing outside. All doors will be propped open by a teacher so there is no need for you to touch anything.


Hand sanitising station

You will be asked to use hand sanitising station upon entry to the building.


No changing areas

Please arrive in your dance clothes which MUST be clean. Please keep all personal belongings to a minimum and in your bag. The studios will be kept well ventilated, with doors open wherever possible. Where possible please can younger children arrive in their dance shoes with a covering over them for protection, especially in bad weather.



Wipe down chairs will be provided so you each have an area to change your shoes. Please use the same chair at the start and end of your lesson/class. All seating will be minimal, kept 2+ metres apart and will be cleaned between each lesson/class.



Solo or fixed partners only lessons will be given using social distancing guidelines and teachers have a strict non-touch policy. You will be required to dance solo unless sharing a lesson with a member of your household.



Please bring your own bottled drinks and take your rubbish home with you. NO food allowed.



Toilets to be clean after use.

Due to slightly shorter lessons, with no breaktimes, we hope to reduce toilet requirements. Toilets to be used by pupils only in an absolute emergency. Pupils to follow the thorough hand washing guide. Paper towels and pedal bins will be provided.


Exiting the building

You will exit the studios via the fire doors. A teacher will open the door for you. One parent/guardian per young pupil to wait outside the building to collect their child (using the social distancing markers). It is vital that you collect your child promptly.


Please enter and exit promptly

We have implemented a buffer time in between classes to avoid an overlap and to allow us to clean the studios after each use. This is not for early access. We will also not be able to talk with you at the end of your lesson as we are on a very tight time schedule. If you have any questions please use your own lesson/class time to ask or alternatively you can always drop us a message and we will aim to get back to you within 24hrs.



Due to capacity regulations and new cleaning procedures the timetable will be reduced, and spaces will be limited.



All classes will need to be booked and paid for in advance via BACS. A registration form, for a specific class, will be sent out in advance for each pupil to complete.

If you must pay by cash please have the correct amount in an envelope with the dancer’s name on it.

No PAYG or drop-in classes will be available at present.


No spectators

For children’s classes, we ask that only ONE accompanying adult brings them to the main entrance doors. We ask that you wait in the carpark area or elsewhere during the class and then wait by the fire exit for your child at the end of their class time. It is your responsibility to collect your child safely and on time.


Reduced time and capacity

So that there is enough time between each session we will be restructuring the timetable and keeping dancers in bubbles, to comply with social distancing in the studios.


Private lessons

Private lessons will need to be booked with your teacher in advance, one adult, wearing a mask, will be permitted to stay and watch their child’s lesson. Masks will be available to purchase. Social distancing to be maintained.

No other spectators allowed at present.