Wendy Bates School of Dancing



Wendy Bates School of Dancing is part of the N.A.T.D (National Association of Teacher of Dancing). The NATD was established in 1912 and is now a globally recognised association with a worldwide membership in 26 countries. Examiners regularly travel as far afield as Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The association is a member of and has representatives on the following bodies:-

  • British Dance Council
  • Sports and Recreation Alliance
  • Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre



As a school we offer NATD examinations in all styles of dance, each of these genres has a syllabus of graded examinations and medal tests which can eventually lead to professional standards. Children with special needs are encouraged to participate in our classes and examinations.

We have exam sessions three times a year, at the end of each term. Examinations are normally held on a Friday evening or a Sunday.

The examiner is selected by the NATD - To become an examiner NATD teachers must have completed the three fellowship exams, this is the highest level obtainable. The teacher may then be offered the opportunity to become an examiner. The teacher will then go through interviews and extensive training with a senior examiner.



Rainbows exams are introductory exams available in the theatrical, freestyle and dance sport (ballroom and latin) from the age of 4 years. Giving pupils confidence and a sense of achievement. Working through the rainbow develops rhythmical skills, co - ordination, spatial awareness, confidence and team building skills. These prepare pupils for the more technically demanding graded exams.

Children enter the exam room in groups of a minimum of 4 accompanied by a student or teacher.

For the exam they perform a pre-choreographed exercise and either a solo, duet or group dance.



Medals are performance exams, where pupils perform in costumes, demonstrating a sense of performance and style. Supplementing the graded syllabus.

  • Solo junior medal
  • Junior – Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Senior – Bronze, Silver and Gold


One dance / annual awards

These are exams where the pupil performs a solo dance in any style.


Adult Fit

NATD has developed syllabi for Adults (over 16 years) in Ballet and Tap to encourage all adults to enjoy theatrical dance. With benefits for physical and mental health proven through exercise, everyone is welcome to the classes which offer Levels 1-5. A fantastic way to keep fit.


Graded Examinations – Theatrical

(ballet, tap, modern, contemporary)

  • Class Exam – This is the entry level graded examination where pupils are marked on technique, arms and sense of performance on various exercises and a final dance. Minimum of 4 pupils – maximum of 8.
  • Preliminary – Preliminary is the first exam where the children are unaccompanied whilst being examined.
  • Grades 1 – 6 – These grades demonstrate the progression of technique.
  • Intermediate Foundation / Grade 7 – Vocational grade demonstrating the progression of advanced technique.
  • Intermediate / Grade 8 – Vocational grade demonstrating the progression of advanced technique.
  • Advanced 1 and 2 – Vocational grades demonstrating the progression of advanced technique.
  • Teacher training – Student, Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship


Graded Examinations – Ballroom, Latin, Freestyle, Commercial

With each grade the pupils will learn new steps progressing in difficult and technical ability.

  • Popular Social Dance Tests 1, 2 and 3
  • Pre bronze 1 and 2 – Performs 2 routines
  • Bronze 1 and 2 – Performs 2 routines
  • Silver – Performs 3 routines
  • Gold – Performs 4 routines
  • Gold bar – Performs 4 routines
  • Gold Cross – Performs 4 routines
  • National Award 1, 2 and 3 – Performs 4 routines
  • Premier award – Performs 4 routines
  • Teacher training – Student, Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship