Wendy Bates School of Dancing


Early Movers classes are a fun introduction for babies, toddlers and their parents into the world of music, movement and dance!

To enable parents to book onto our Early Movers classes easier, we have set up an online booking system.

Which can be accessed by following this link: https://bookwhen.com/earlymovers

Age ranges are flexible to allow for the varying ranges of development that little ones go through - babies and children are placed in the class that most suits their physical and emotional development.

The classes are all designed to enable parents and carers to relive their childhood, and release their inner child as they join in and engage in fun, playful activities with little ones. Each class has a weekly theme with all exercises, props and activities related to immerse little ones in a fantastic learning experience.

Our classes are split into 3 groups:

Shakers - suitable for babies from 6 weeks - 9 months​

A fun social music and movement class for babies from 6 weeks to 9 months and their grown ups incorporating musical instruments, sensory play and exciting music.

Research shows that a variety of multi-sensory activities can help babies to connect to the world whilst developing social and emotional connections with their grown ups and friends. With movement being babies very first language, it's important for it to be in a positive and encouraging way - and where better than a dance studio with exciting music and fun activities!

Wrigglers - suitable for babies from 9 - 18 months​

A fun social music and movement class with a different theme each week aimed at 9 - 18 months and little ones who are on the move. Incorporating musical instruments, sensory play and exciting music, this class shows that it’s never too early to engage your baby with music and dance! 

With a host of new skills, babies at this age are sociable and inquisitive with much greater control over their bodies. Wiggling, swaying, bouncing and clapping are all moves that will encourage and develop strength in the legs - another step for your baby on the road to walking!

Movers - suitable for little ones from 18 months - 3 years

An action packed 45 minute class, with each week focusing on a different theme. There will be lots of fun with musical instruments, sensory items and endless opportunities to wiggle and dance to exciting music! Grown ups are always encouraged to join in and share in the enjoyment with their Mover.

Half of a person’s intelligence potential is developed by the age of 4, and the toddler years can be a most influential and unique time. Throughout these classes, children will develop a love of music and dance whilst learning how to share, take turns and build fine and gross motor skills - essential for their early development.