Wendy Bates School of Dancing


Early Movers classes are a fun introduction for babies, toddlers and their parents into the world of music, movement and dance!

Our classes are split into 3 groups:
Tiny Toes - suitable for babies from 6 weeks - 9 months​
Little Wrigglers - suitable for babies from 9 - 18 months​
Mini Movers - suitable for little ones from 18 months - 3 years

Age ranges are flexible to allow for the varying ranges of development that little ones go through - babies and children are placed in the class that most suits their physical and emotional development.

The classes are all designed to enable parents and carers to relive their childhood, and release their inner child as they join in and engage in fun, playful activities with little ones. Each class has a weekly theme with all exercises, props and activities related to immerse little ones in a fantastic learning experience.